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'A little more joy': How Layla is driving sales in the crisis

More comfort, less risk—it’s what many shoppers want as we endure the coronavirus crisis. It’s also what online mattress retailer Layla is delivering, with help from Affirm.

The proof is in recent sales growth: Average order value (AOV) is up 22% for sales with Affirm since the beginning of March. The increase is a remarkable contrast to losses many retailers saw during that time. But it fits with a current buying trend toward furniture and other houseware items that help people enjoy extended time at home.

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“People are looking for a little bit more comfort in their lives right now,” said Gregg Dean, Co-founder and CEO of Layla “So they’re adding a weighted blanket or an extra pillow—something that might bring a little more joy during a time that’s super challenging and stressful.”

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Affirm’s prequalification product is also driving incremental sales. This feature—which tells shoppers how much they can spend with Affirm before checking out—has delivered a 12% AOV lift and a third of Affirm sales volume.

Dean called the results awesome. “The prequalification modal is just so smooth—both the interface and the experience,” he said. “It puts customers’ minds at ease right away. They know how much they have to spend, and now they can enjoy the shopping experience.”

Reducing risk can improve the shopping experience even further, and Dean believes the partnership with Affirm plays a key role. Layla’s 120-day mattress trial guarantee and Affirm’s budget-friendly payment plans are a combination that gives shoppers more security and flexibility. And Affirm’s commitment never to charge late fees cuts risk while adding more value, he said.

“The no-late-fees policy demonstrates empathy—‘Life happens, and we’re not going to ding you for it.’ I love that about Affirm.”

A large majority of Affirm sales—60%—are completed on mobile devices. While the 25–34 age group dominates this tranche, Dean is seeing other groups gain share. “Even us older people are on our phones all day!”

He added that increased mobile adoption is just one sign of how shopping trends from the crisis will have a long-term impact on Layla’s business. 

“There’s been a paradigm shift in that many more people have now had positive experiences shopping online,” he said. “I believe we’ll see a higher volume of online shoppers post-pandemic, and that’s something we’re preparing for.”

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