Why Affirm?

We started Affirm because credit cards aren’t working. They lure us in with perks, but end up costing a lot: The average U.S. household has $6,000 in credit card debt.

With Affirm, you’ll never owe more than you agree to up front. Instead, you’ll always get a flexible, transparent, and convenient way to pay over time.

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We keep it simple

When you can choose a payment option that suits your budget, it’s easy to get that interview outfit or go on your dream vacation.

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We never charge fees

You'll never pay late fees. Or annual fees. Or hey-it's-a-random-day-in-April fees.

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We tell it like it is

With credit cards, the longer you take to pay off your balance, the more expensive your purchase becomes. With Affirm, you always know exactly what you'll owe and when you'll be done paying off your purchase.

Okay, so how do we make money then?

We earn a commission from businesses, and shoppers pay interest on some items.

Unlike credit card companies though, we don't depend on shoppers paying late or staying in debt. Instead, we try to give them a great experience so they come back and use Affirm again.

It’s all about you

From shopping for the latest kicks to booking your dream vacation, whatever you’ve got going on—we’re here to help.

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We tell you up front the total amount you’ll pay. That number will never go up.

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You choose the payment schedule that works for you.

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You’ll never pay late fees, penalties, or hidden interest, ever.

Need more info?

We’ve got you.